Core Services

Out Of The Box Ideas - IT consulting and business analysis South Africa

IT consulting and business analysis

Whether you are planning to develop a new information/business system or face an issue with your current one, we will assess the technical feasibility of your situation and provide a solutions based, independent analysis of the associated business risks you are confronted with.

Out Of The Box Ideas - Web and mobile app development South Africa

Web and mobile app development

We offer customer-oriented web and mobile app development services using the latest technologies.  We also ensure the effective delivery of projects within the agreed timelines as well as frequent feedback and communication on the progress thereof.

Out Of The Box Ideas - Bespoke application and business solutions development South Africa

Bespoke application and business solutions development

We offer n-tier architecture enterprise solutions on both client / server and web based applications.  Our innovative use of technology and awareness of the latest trends have allowed us to grow and become a progressive product development company.


At OOTBI we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and the project at hand.  What makes us stand out is:

Analysis – Our aim is always to understand your current business environment and associated risks.  We are then able to integrate with existing software modules if applicable or provide a custom solution to ensure the desired outcome.

Productivity and quality -  Due to our unique internal workflow process we are able to deploy projects in record time without compromise to the quality of the work.  Our in-house QA department ensures that all project outcomes are met.

Technology - We advocate the use of new (the latest) technologies that enable us to customise solutions to individual customer needs.  This drive underpins our vision of innovation and excellence. 

Client service support and satisfaction -  We believe in the power of communication and strive to provide world class customer service at all times. We therefore ensure transparency in the project and maintain continuous communication and feedback on project progress.  Professionalism forms part of our company culture and we strive to form sustainable, long term partnerships with our clients.

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OOTBI Mission

To deliver IT software solutions that will exceed our customers’ expectation and aid their success by combining technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.