5 Blogging Strategies to Boost Your SEO

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Blogging can boost your traffic and encourage trust in your brand.

If you want your business to be successful, you need to put in place an inbound marketing strategy that has a lot of staying power, and this can be attained through the use of content marketing.

Content attracts traffic, builds reputation and encourages trust in your brand. One vital method of creating content which has many SEO benefits is blogging. 

Initially, writing blog articles may feel like an overwhelming exercise, however with careful planning and a simple approach it can become a simple endeavour.

1) Focus on the needs of your audience and not SEO

In the past, content writers would simply search for popular keywords and artificially stuff them onto their articles in order to rank higher on search engines. That approach does not work anymore.

Make sure you write compelling and relevant content that resonates with your audience. Survey your audience with emails and social media polls so that you can understand what they are searching for.

If you focus too much on SEO and neglect the needs of your target audience, you will create content that is loved by search engines and but hated by your readers.

2) Have a keyword strategy

Before you start blogging, have a keyword strategy in place so that you can gain traffic that converts. Your keyword strategy should be groups of keywords that your audience use to search for your services. Pick a keyword that falls with the strategy every time you write an article. Targeting the wrong keywords is a waste of time because you will gain traffic that does not convert.

3) Write original content

The content of your blog should be original and unique. Do not steal or duplicate anything. Provide new and insightful information that is beyond the obvious. Try to provide practical evidence and relevant links to research. This will add value to your content and give your site decent authority.

4) Promote your content

Two million blog articles are written and posted online every day and that makes it very difficult for content to really stand out and get noticed. This is why one of the most important secrets to successful content marketing is distribution. You should invest a lot of time in promoting your content on social media or via an email distribution list. Be sure to post and repost your content on channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Do not forget to use persuasive calls to action to encourage readers to share your content.

5) Ensure that you SEO optimise your theme

Optimising your theme gives Google indicators that your site is trustworthy and helps search engines find content on your site. You should also ensure that your website has great navigation, is cleanly coded and does not have any broken links.

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