15 Annoying Website Features That Are Driving Your Visitors Away

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Your website could be reason why your business is losing customers

A website is an effective way of advertising an enterprise and reaching out to online prospects, but what if your site turns out to be the real reason why clients are shunning you?

In this article, we reveal some of the most annoying web design features that will make your users bounce off to never return.

1) Cluttered Layout

A messy website layout can be overwhelming and difficult to use. Browsing through it feels like trying to find something in a cluttered room. Use minimalism to create a simple journey through your website. At times, less is more.

2) Excessive use of op-ups

If a user reading valuable information on your website and is sidetracked by an irritating pop-up, they are likely to walk off and never come back again. Pop-ups distract reading experience. Use them in moderation and include delightful copy to avoid annoying visitors.

3) Autosound

Site visitors can get irritated at being forced hear a soundtrack while browsing. Bear in mind that most people access websites at work or via mobile devices where it’s not appropriate to play loud music.

4) Badly designed navigation

Poor navigation has some adverse effects on your search rankings and the user friendliness of you site. Keep text content to a minimum and place your navigation in usual places so that your site may look and feel familiar.

5) Slow load times:

In this day and age where time is minimal, websites that take long to load can be an irritation. Ensure short loading times by keeping image sizes and content at a minimum.

6) Cookie warnings that cannot be closed

Cookie warnings that are impossible to close make it impossible to view content and will infuriate visitors and stopping them from visiting again.

7) Typos

Spelling and grammatical mistakes are bad for brands and bad for business. They indicate that you lack communication skills, are unprofessional and lazy. Not many clients are willing to do business with such people.

8) Contrast fail

Poor colour combinations make it difficult to read text. Use complimentary colours for text, links backgrounds and headings to make for easy reading of your content.

9) Poor font

Your font should be clear and readable. No user wants to squint their eyes while trying to read through a website.

10) Too many ads

A flurry of ads popping up or down as visitors are trying to get whatever information they want from your site will only serve to put them off. Keep your ads to a minimum and in line with the theme of the website.

11) Dead links

There is nothing as frustrating as clicking a link that leads to nowhere. Dead links can destroy the reputation of a website. Test your links on a browser before posting them on the site.

12) Overused stock images

One way to stand out in this digital world is to differentiate your brand with the use of great images. However, avoid reusing generic photos that are already overdone. Be innovative and search thoroughly for unique pictures on stock image sites.

13) Out of date and irrelevant information

Old and stale information can be frustrating to users who are searching for fresh and up to date material. Keep information and data relevant by updating it on a regular basis.

14) Your site is not optimised for mobile

Imagine you are browsing on a mobile phone and are forced to pinch-to-zoom because the words and buttons on the page are too small to read. This is just but one example of bad experiences faced by users on websites that are not optimised for mobile. Avoid losing disgruntled customers and search rankings by ensuring your site is responsive.

15) Website under construction/Coming soon

These make your site look unprofessional and can be annoying to users. Remove the website from the internet altogether if it is still incomplete.

Make simplicity and purpose the centre of all your design decisions. Congesting your site with auto playing media, flash and annoying animations is bad for customer retention.

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