Why You Should Go With Custom Web Development Over A Pre-Built Template

custom web design
Compared to bespoke designs, templates offer limited functionalities and may even compromise the security of your users.

Every business needs a website to reach potential customers and stay ahead of the competition. With so many low-cost template-based themes out there, owning a website has never been easier.

Template-based websites are easy to create and promise convenience to companies seeking to save on web development costs.

On the surface, a template sounds like a perfect deal. But is it always the best choice for your business? Often, the answer is no. 

Compared to bespoke designs, templates offer limited functionalities and may even compromise the security of your users.  

In this blog, we reveal the benefits of choosing a custom-built (bespoke) solution, over a simple drag and drop website design:

1. Control Your Site’s Performance

Load times are a crucial element for the performance and profitability of any website. According to research, 75% of visitors will bounce if a page's load time is more than 3 seconds. 

Templates, because of their need to be flexible, provide a lot of components and widgets (in the form of CSS and JavaScript files), which can slow down website loading times and overall performance.

There are many alternatives on the internet and website users are impatient. With custom web design, your developer only writes code that is used and necessary for your website.

2. Tailored For Your Business

A template design website may fail to cover certain needs of your business. Pre-bought design packages don’t always come with industry-specific features.

For example, if you need to offer a web-based platform that allows brokers and underwriters to work together to provide insurance cover for small passenger vehicle owners, etc. You will not get that from a template.

Bespoke developers, on the other hand, can take specific directions and build in all the features you need.

3. Brand Credibility

A custom web design distinguishes your site from competitors. Since most are probably using templates, your website ( when done right) will craft an air of professionalism that will give you an advantage with potential customers.

It's hard to stand out if you build your site using a similar theme to that of your competitors. With bespoke web design, you can own the look and functionality of your site outright.

4. Easy Social and SEO Setup from the Start

A bespoke web designer will integrate your social media activity and search engine optimization architecture into the site from the start.

Custom-built sites can seamlessly display Twitter or Facebook feeds directly into your home page, allowing site visitors to see the latest posts and discussions.

SEO comprises many factors like loading speed, user experience on mobile and tablet devices, internal linking, AMP pages, and rich snippets. 

Templates can be limited in this regard. With custom web design, these are easier to implement.

5. Get Direct Attention

A template design is not easily fixable without specific customization knowledge. As a result, you will find yourself waiting for an update whenever something goes wrong.

Bespoke web design, on the other hand, connects you to a developer who knows your site and can respond to issues effectively. 

6. Higher Levels of Security

Security is essential to any professional website. Most sites collect personal information like names or emails or have integrated payment gateways.

Template-based websites, like WordPress, usually come with a bunch of plugins that serve the above purposes, but might cause security issues for hackers to exploit. 

The sheer number of template designs in use makes sites running them easy targets.

A customized site is unique and more secure because it has a much smaller target on its back.

7. Fully Customizable

When you buy a template, you might have issues if you have to add new pieces down the road. 

Of course, templates offer home pages, contact forms, maps, FAQ sections, testimonial carousels, and these all serve a purpose.

But what if you need a custom feature like a South African map which selects a particular province, zooms in and shows shop branches? Or you need to display custom information in each of them?  

A template-id is unlikely to offer that kind of widget but you can count on your bespoke developer or agency to build something like this with ease.

8. Better UX

User experience is essential for generating leads and converting them into customers. 

Say you want to have a custom checkout process on your e-commerce website. Or maybe your template has a bug or is not looking well across all browsers and devices. With these issues, you may need to contact a developer.

One disadvantage with support services from the template creator is that it usually comes at a premium price, and asking your developer to work on the problem could be time-consuming.

All these kinds of problems can, of course, occur during any development cycle, but then you have a guarantee that your bespoke service provider will fix it.

9. Easily Scale Your Project

When it comes to big projects like software, using a theme can be limiting when you decide to scale the project.

Scaling a project (adding a lot of features or enabling it to handle a high volume of users) can be extremely hard and time-consuming when your template is limiting you.

It is much better to start from scratch with a custom solution than to have to combat template issues.

Build Effective Lead Magnets and Higher Conversions

Business websites have a common goal of obtaining leads and customers using lead magnets given to visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

You might want to have a video course, quiz, or e-book as your lead magnet but find that your template doesn't have that functionality built-in.

If you intend to use your site to get leads and customers, custom design hands you full control of how you want your lead magnets to work.

Good lead magnets will significantly improve conversion rates, boosting your enterprise's revenue. 

10. Integrate with Third-Party Services With Ease

There are many advantages of integrating API software with your website. 

You can integrate your site with a third-party service like MailChimp, for instance, to automatically add users that opt-in,  to your email or contact list. Such changes require developers to implement. 

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