Sorbet (let's order) Portal

Sorbet Internet Express

A live system with real time pricing and stock quantities for franchisees to place orders.

The Brief

Sobert approached us to design a system that allows franchisees access to real-time pricing and stock quantities available when placing their orders online. The online system was required to have an integration into a courier partner which would be able to furnish the franchisee with accurate courier charges. The requirement was for a design and UX that would help franchisees enjoy a smooth transition from an old excel spreadsheet ordering method.

The Solution

We developed a grid based ordering page that mimics as closely as possible, an excel spreadsheet.

Sorbet Excel Look and Feel


The entire ordering process is a simple three step process which has an additional functionality that lets franchisees choose their courier option.

Sorbet 3 step process

To allow franchisees to access real-time pricing and available stock quantities, we integrated into Sage Evolution, Sorbet’s on-premises accounting system, and wrote an API to communicate with the Sage installation.

The ordering portal is able to communicate via API to a courier company, Internet Express, as the chosen courier and warehousing partner.


Project took three months to complete-from inception to deployment.

System Performance

Within the first three months of the system going live, there’s been more than 1000 successful online orders.

Feedback from franchises has been very positive. Franchises are able to see their cost before ordering, they are getting their goods on time and their expectations are being met in terms of what they required.